RJ Directional Boring, Inc. home base is Louisiana but works in all surrounding states. The company has been growing and providing for over 25 years. Directional boring is used to install underground conduit with virtually no impact to the surface area or disruption of traffic, landscaping or structures. When trenching or excavating is impractical, directional boring is the best option.

We can install underground utilities such as electrical lines, water, fiber optics, sewer and gas. We have the equipment for any job type or size. We can accomadate any job whether it is residential or commerical. Jobs have been completed of all sizes ranging from small 100ft to large jobs covering over 40,000 ft. Directional boring can be used to cross busy highways/interstates, highly congested/hard to reach areas, or any area where minimal damage is required. All types of bores can be performed from drive way bores, road bores, sidewalk bores, creek bores and river bores. Our crews have the equipment and experience to navigate around existing underground lines.

Our motto that we stand behind; Safety, Quality and Production.

Safety is always number one when it comes to each and every person on the job. Quality is always a big factor to insure our customers needs are met. Lastly, Production to keep the company moving forward from project to project.